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New Single "I.D.C.A.S"

Out Now On All Platforms !!  

As a first-generation Ethiopian-American born, raised, and came of age in Takoma Park, Maryland, Yihenew Belay’s life has been a continuous odyssey of self-discovery. In Amharic, an Ethiopian Semitic language, Yihenew means, “This Is It.” In late 2017, the burgeoning independent producer/rapper chose to change his former moniker and create under Heno. as a gesture in reclaiming his roots and display his most authentic self. The original name came parallel to new music filled with afresh purpose, intent, and clarity. 

Music isn’t just an outlet that conveys how he feels, for Heno., home isn’t merely a physical residence, but anywhere creating takes place. Place him at a lunch table, or in the middle of a park, or standing alongside the Oakland Bay Bridge, no matter the location, if he’s able to make music, Heno. can feel an indefinable comfort. For him, home is where the MPC is. Through his wide-ranging, eclectic sound, the Oakland, California-based creative is delivering home to the world.



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