HENO. is the unapologetic nomad whose journey of self-actualization has led to the rupture of musical boundaries with an electrifying new sound he calls  ‘Alternative Soul’. His pioneering sound whisks his love for Hip-Hop, Motown/Soul, R&B, Alternative, and Experimental music, together in a way that allows his fans to take a peek into the artist that is HENO. The first generation Ethiopian American’s love and passion for music began in Takoma Park, Maryland, where he was born and raised. Growing up, music wasn’t necessarily something that was encouraged by his family. These circumstances led to HENO. spending large amounts of time both listening and studying music theory on his own. It was his love of music that liberated him from the destructive path that so many of his peers around him chose to take. Going against the grain caused his peers to view HENO. as an outcast, and these early experiences allowed him to embrace being different as well as become comfortable veering from the norm. These foundational values HENO. learned as a youth would hold to be critical in helping craft his sonic universe and understanding the chaotic world around him.


After High-school, HENO. attended Howard University where he dropped out his third year to pursue his musical calling. It was here when an opportunity to make music in California presented itself in a critical time when HENO. was dealing with challenges living in both Maryland & Washington DC. Moving out west and embracing his nomadic nature, HENO. lived between the Bay Area and Los Angeles & devoted himself to music to the fullest extent. In 2017, HENO. took his sound into his own hands by teaching himself how to both produce and engineer to further his musical palate.  After finishing 2018 performing with various acts like JPEGMAFIA, 03Greedo, Injury Reserve, Maxo Kream, and an international tour with Nicole Millar in Australia, HENO. has been continuing to make a name for himself slowly but surely. Featured alongside JPEGMAFIA on their single "Does This Ski Mask Make Me Look Fat?”, the record was highlighted at 40th on the top 100 Songs of Quarter 1 by Pitchfork in 2018. 


HENO. released his first self-produced project, Sumn Slight, the following year in 2019. Bandcamp listed the 7-track project in their "New and Notable" column and Okayplayer highlighted the EP in their Mixtape Monday editorial. Shortly after it’s release, HENO. started a beat tape series to showcase his tremendous growth in production; the first installation released was called TEKLE (2019). The name TEKLE comes from his anointment by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church with the baptist name, Tekle Haymanot after the famous Saint. Tekle’s life purpose was to expand upon his religious education as a monk throughout the several villages he traveled over. HENO. is the physical embodiment of Tekle— a nomad who utilizes his musical gifts to make the world a better place.


Along with a feature on Poltergeist Slim by Anti-World artist, Ghostie (“Stick and Move"), Heno. has been on a rampage with his unique live shows performing alongside Jay Electronica, Father, Injury Reserve, Haviah Almighty, as well as being highlighted in showcases at Bandcamp, So Far Sounds, and Noise Pop Festival 2020. In the midst of all these collabs and shows, HENO. has been patiently crafting his next major body of work (soon to come).


Heno. 2021